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  • EP Conveyor Belt

    EP Conveyor Belt

    Construction: polyester conveyor belt is stuck together in sequence by many pieces of polyester sailcloth, which is covered by rubber and plastic owning good quality rubber cover up and down and good elasticity. ...

  • NN conveyor belt

    NN conveyor belt

    Application:?Belt is suitable in chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, light industry, foodstuff machining and coal mine. Technical standards:?The following standards are usually applied: GB/T7984-2001, GB/T10822-2003, DIN22102, AS1332,...

  • CC Conveyor Belt

    CC Conveyor Belt

    Application: Used in mine, cement plant, steel and Iron factory, metallurgy, construction, ports and etc. Feature: Traditional conveyor belts, suitable for medium and short distance transportation of materials...

  • Endless Conveyor Belt

    Endless Conveyor Belt

    Seamless molded belt withtout joints with excellent stability in size.The covering rubber is prepared from high strength, good elasticity, resistance to shock, as well as resistance to wear and tear, forming a circular type conveyor rubber belt....